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Editor's note: I meant to post this weeks ago, but things have been hectic for reasons that will soon become clear.

A couple of weeks after I lost my job as a debt collector, I had an interview for a local council's call centre. I didn't get the job, but seeing as the interview was down near where @mattclarke lives, I caught up with the handsome feller for lunch.

In addition to buying me lunch, Matt - being the kind and thoughtful soul he is - gave me one of his limited edition Steem coins.

One of these designs, specifically

Only 1500 of these little suckers exist in the world. He said his personal coin had brought him luck, and he wanted me to have one, for my own luck.

Matt's personal collection

It sat in my suit jacket pocket for a few more weeks, until I found it sitting there during a job interview, while rummaging for my paperwork.

The interview went well, and as of two weeks ago, I was carrying it with me into the first day of my new job.

I've never held much stock in the concept of luck, but Matt's gift has defintitely brought me some. You make your own luck, they say, with hard work and perseverence, but sometimes it helps to have a finely crafted nugget of 99.999% pure silver in your pocket.

As for the new role? Well, it's excellent. I'll been it broad for privacy reasons, but suffice it to say that I work with and for an excellent group of people, dealing with immigration and Visas. It's a bit of a journey every day, but the calls we take are short and sharp, the customers are pleasant as hell, and the days zoom by so fast that you confused as to why it's the weekend so soon.

It's probably a good thing I wasn't upset by the loss of my role as a debt collector - sometimes things work out for the best, and I'm glad I'm not still wasting away in that environment.

Here's to new adventures, my friends.

(Friendly reminder as well that the Adelaide contingent will be doing our monthly meeting at The Jade next Thursday, from about 6pm onwards. 160 Flinders Street, Adelaide!)

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Congrats on the new gig mate. And well done on getting one of those amazing coins free of charge. :)

Looking forward to seeing you at the Jade, mate.
I'm expecting a couple of new faces, should be fun :)

Great to hear this. Want to catch a lift to the meet up from my house on Thursday?

In the Steem mobile!

The truth!

I'm actually working from the backup site in Wayville on Thursday. Helping set up and test the backup system. But thanks!