Tornado Aftermath: Safe and Sound in Marshalltown

in #life6 years ago (edited)

Just checking in for all my friends on here that know I live in Marshalltown. We were hit by a massive F4 tornado last night, but luckily it skirted by our neighborhood. I've spent the morning working on some friends' houses with my football and tennis teams and we're slowly getting things cleaned up.

Thanks to our awesome first responders and early warning system, there were no fatalities. Here is a pretty incredible video taken off the storm ripping apart our courthouse.



Hi @nepd, nice to know that u are ok. Thanks.

I could learn a lot from the post. Thank you

Holy Crap!!!! Good to know there were no fatalities. Hopefully the property damage was not too bad under all the trees.

There was some, but nothing we can't fix

Glad you are safe.

Thanks Krista - that's all that matters!

Hopefully not many people are injured or any tragedy around.

Man that is scary as all get out!! I’m glad you guys made it through safely! That’s kind of you to assist with the clean up!!

Least we could do.

So awesome to hear all the stories of everyone pulling together to rebuild a community. Way to teach your young athletes about whatbitnmeans to be part of a community and about citizenship. Well done!

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