LOVE MY RUPIAH ... .... ❤ FULL HISTORY ❤ Money and form a real picture

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Hallo steemit back again with me @neobarrack
This  time I want to share with you steemit, maybe there is yng tau and there  are some have not know or have forgotten the Indonesian money that  changed year to year, some people must have their own story with various  money in Indonesia. Sekrang I want to share the history of  money and various kinds of images from Indonesia that changed replace,  so much of me may be useful.

Along with poto change of money from year to year. 

You steemit community would have known it is in Indonesia or even have forgotten the old money form in Indonesia.
And  I share this not for indonesia but create selulur steemit community in a  world that do not know form and picture of money in my country.
may be useful.
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