What kind of life do you portray on social media?

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Social media is a place where faces are hiding behind the screen. Is a place where fake identity can be portrayed with ease. Fake gender, make believe life style, and for some the reality of what life gives to them.


It is easy to fall for or believe what they see on social media. Many times we fall for the perfect life of people on social media that we tend to compare our lives with it. These act of comparison has cost many a lot of trouble and pain. I would not go into details of what kind of trouble and pain comparison has cost many.

What you need to know about social media;

Many out there show case a make belief perfect life style for different reasons.

  1. Not everyone wants a pity party thrown on their faces. Hence they make you belief all is well with them.

  2. Many out there do not want to share their burden. They dont want you asking questions. So they would rather put up a make belief perfect life out there so you have no impression of the reality of life with them.

  3. So many are ashamed of the the life they have in reality. So they show you a life that is not their on social media, that way you never get to know what.their true life is.

  4. Fake Identity : There are people who do not want to be identity for who they are in public. Some for safety and security purposes. Hence they give fake identity so you never can relate with who they are in reality. In some cases, faking identity can be for scamming, spamming purposes.

My question to you is?

-Who are you on social media?

-What do you portary on social media?

-Is you life misleading others on social media?

Truth that will always remain the same?

Behind that smile, that gorgeous pretty/ cute faces, behind that make belief perfect life, lies the reality of life that we cannot change with covering up a veil(screen) on facebook, instagram, twitter, steemit.

Portray a life that builds, educate,guild, change and make a difference positively in the lives of others.

Thank you for following and reading my post.

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Nice post @neebootoo, so far we are human and we cannot have a perfect life, the social media will suffer for this. This is because the social media wants a perfect life and wants everything on it to be perfect. So far the social media stays this way, we will continue to have such hiding.

This is so true! In social media people can pretend whatever they wants, and the majority of times the things that we see are not true!
I think that is better not public everything,
people with an incredible life enjoy it, they do not publish it!