The life of a single mother.

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Today we live in a society where people make themselves judges over other people's life style and what their life has become. Truth is we have no right to judge or condemn anyone until we walk in their shoes.


Couple of days ago, while I was watching a movie titled "Single Mum's Club", the reality of the life of a sinple mother hits me hard. It did change my views and perspective of how I see and judge people.
The movie deeply shows an insight into the life of a single mother; the struggle, the pain, the anxiety, all they have to go through alone with their kids.

First of all, I do not think it was ever a choice for any woman to be a single mother. Circumstances lead them to been single mother. Painful/hurtful circumstances beyond control.

If they had choices they won't be single parent.

For those who have children(married or not) will understand the stress and difficulty that comes with raising a child. It is never easy making decisions about child raising even with both parents. It even gets tougher when these children grow into their teenage age. As a parent, you are to set a good example for the child and it is your responsibility who/what the child becomes in future.


Dealing with a growing child as a single parent can be difficult. As if that is not enough, in most cases, they have to bare the financial expenses. There is no help, like it or not they are there when the child is sick, school meetings, games, birthdays and all of that.
Then they have to deal with their personal life, work, relationships, friends and the society all alone.

No companion, no help mate. Which makes them vulnerable and sometimes aggressive.

Despite all the struggles, they are faced with a judgmental society. A society that do not award them any respect. A society that makes them feel less of themselves. A society that sees their mistake or circumstance as being irresponsible.

On this post, I am here to make a plea to the society(you and me) to give more respect to single mothers. They deal with two much in their lives already. Loving them and accepting them for who they are will help easy the stress and struggle they are facing. If you can, give a helping hand.
Sincerely, we are not better, we only did not/ have to work through that road of life. It is amazing, what life can throw at us, no matter how careful smart we are.

A mothers heart is always a mothers heart,single or married.
Here is a shoutout to all single mum out there, you are awesome, beautiful, amazing parents in the world.

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