Controversial Being: How do we see and relate with them.

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What is controversy?
Controversy is an action that causes disagreement. This could be within a small cycle or in a national or international scale. Controversy happens when an action or decision is taken that challenges what is regarded as norm by human beings.


Is controversy limited to certain ethnic,race or culture?
Controversy is not usually a universal thing or particular to certain ethnic or race? Controversial issues tend to run across religion, culture, fashion, health, and all. What is controversial in one society is perfectly fine in another. For example, it will be controversial to be pregnant without being married in some society. Some society consider opening of hair in public places as controversial or even outright taboo.

Controversy could be natural(genetic),accidental or deliberate.

We have people that are controversial by nature, while some creates a controversial nature to gain attention. The later is common in modern social media society, people deliberately flaunt controversies to get attention from the public.

Well, controversial attitudes tend to give fame and plublicity. Reason why, most people create that nature to gain the attention needed.

This is a common and recurrent rhymes of celebrities in our entertainment industry.

Is controversy a good/bad thing?
Well I will tell you my opinion. I would like to know your opinion too.
Controversy for me is not a bad thing. It is actually needed in the society. Everyone cannot be sane, have uniform mind or react to things same way. Controversial view gives us many times, different views and thought.

To tell you something interesting, many times we really get to know the indepth of certain things from having controversial views.

I have often times seen people refer to controversial people as attention seekers. Are they really attention seekers?

Yes some are. But some are just controversial by nature. It is a genetic trait born with them.

What is wrong about attention seeking?
Nothing actually is wrong with it. Some persons are naturally wired to want the attention of the public. They want to be noticed everywhere they find themselves. I actually like the attention seeking persons. They make life fun and cause you to have something to talk about.
On social media, they are referred to as drama queen/king. They just do not feel comfortable with a quiet and sane atmosphere. They create an avenue for people to react.

Some of the most common quality of controversial persons:
Temperament; They are very temperamental. They are quick to reactions and show it at the moment. However, they are open minded, easy going, quick to forgive and very friendly.

How do we relate with such people?

It is the same way we relate to each other. We take them for who they are, learn to relate with them as they are. Trying to change someone to what you think is better or to behave the way you feel is right, is never the best way to see the good side of that person.
When we accept people and love them despite their awkward(as we see them) behaviour, we will begin to see the useful and good side of that person.

Do you know that without the controversies, our society, social media would be as boring as hell? Even education will be too.

Such people are large consumers of information. They read alot, listen to news alot and interract with people based on their convictions. Also, such people might be sensitive to contrary views and opinions.

We will be happier relating with people that are controversial if we know how to deal with them and understand them. This is because they sometimes have information that is not widely available nor of public interest.

Did I also mention that controversial people are mostly extroverted? Yes they are.
I am an extrovert and can be controversial

The typical controversial quote!

I hope you did enjoy reading. Thanks for stopping by. Please do leave a comment about your views. I would like to know.

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Lol.....I sure can relate. The controversy is genetic. Nice post @neebootoo

Good to see you are making some great contents @neebootoo. Try and interract more with the community.

We take them for who they are, learn to relate with them as they are

This is exactly the way I relate with a friend of mine. He can pick issues out of any topic.

good post my dear friend....:)