Debunking myths and emotions/feelings created in the mind

in life •  10 months ago

Venturing into the realm of DBAs (Database Administrators) — in this case Oracle Databases.


A mix of emotions

A mix of excitement and nervousness because I have connected lots of information and thoughts and emotions of fear towards Database administration of production systems throughout the years observing co-workers and witnessing talks about DBA stuff.

But how can I accept this fear and anxiety if I haven’t even been part of the DBA tasks and processes myself actually practically?

To be part of it is to be living it

As with many things in life, I find that we easily accept words of others about something easily without questioning, or we form ideas and beliefs in our minds through imagination and projection from what we observe only.

I find the best way to figure out how something is for real is to do it yourself for real. To be part of it is to be living it.

With regards to DBA I will see for me how it truly is by being part of it by living it! Debunking the myths and emotions/feelings created in my mind by actually investigating and practically doing it myself.

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