Thoughts in my head # 51 or walk with a guide.

in life •  8 months ago

The forest does not let out,
The space closes,
While your hands are not open,
While the heart is not free,
While the thoughts like the cobweb are returning back,
The traveler will not find a path,
He will entangle in the branches,
If he'll try to cut his way.
We must let go of the past,
To gut the bags, ego,
To deal with the cobwebs,
Say goodbye and leave.
And then do not come back,
And do not think about the beautiful,
And do not think about the fog,
Do not think about the fog that hides
Teeth, claws, dirt and meaning.
To decide in a clear light,
What to leave in the clearing,
And what to take with you from the forest,
What the guide let miss.
I leave the beast, the rose,
Let it grow in his hands,
While the heart will be casted out by
Some of new birds.
I will not know about it,
I leave my thoughts too,
Those that stuck in the cobwebs,
Those that confused by the spider.
And still it is necessary to leave dolls,
They can not be casted out,
No need to save them from this life
There is no sense, that is their destiny.
There is a path,
Dawn lights up.
The guide laughs loudly,
The guide is spinning in place,
He plays catch-up,
I'm running after him.
I run out of the forest,
I run out to the waterfall,
The guide is waving at me
And says goodbye forever...





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Шикарный водопад! Я бы хотела бы увидеть такой же...

First post I see of you and be delighted and fascinated, what an unreal place of how perfect it is, I would love to be there, it looks with such a wonderful aura. All works of nature must be considered good. Excellent!

The rainbows are a beautiful gifts of nature. I remember that some years ago I saw two rainbows that formed simultaneously, and I was sitting next to a friend, then I gave her a poem inspired by those rainbows.
His photographs make us travel with imagination to those fascinating places.
Greetings from Venezuela.

Amazing pictures. So breathtaking, especially the one with the rainbow! Thank you for posting such beauty :) @nearbird

красота природы всегда впечатляет меня