Thoughts in my head # 31 or self-cultivation...

in life •  2 years ago 

What did I do for my dream? Sometimes it seems that I'm standing still. But looking back in the past year, I understand that I'm growing up, I'm changing. My desires, goals and dreams become clearer, life is more conscious, but I still have to go and go to my dreams and goals. By the way, I always happy for people who know what they want, and go to the dream.
Start acting to begin to be unusual. I'm worried that it will not work, but whether I walk the right way - at the same time if I do not make a step - then I do not know if I can ?! The most difficult, as it turned out, is to take responsibility for one's life in my own hands, and life will shine in other colors. Stop looking for the guilty in sorrows and adversities, stop blaming circumstances and people. There is only what already is at the moment, and I did it myself, I built it myself, so I had to do it at one time or another.
So, what have I done? I began to live, I began to dream, I remember that I am unique and different. The world does not stand still...

I grow, I live, I can!





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Nice winter shots!

WOW..... what a wonderful place.... !!! What a view!!! Excellent photography.....

Amazing shot thanks for sharing! Checkout my posts as well

a worldview for good success

Waaaww.. Very nice...

What an amazing view! So gorgeous!

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