Our problems are not meant to last, one day you will overcome

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I know everyone had met challenges in our life, let me say problems, and when we have problems we stop doing activities that we enjoy doing. And some we no longer sleep or eat, we lost appetite. No one really, what's to have a problem, but as along as we are on this planet earth, problems will always be among us, in our life and what to do is to learn how to deal and cope with our problems.

You may have a small problem, but if you think about it over and over, night after nights and day after days will make your problem to look huge. This can bring confusion, fear and anxiety in your life.

When was 22 years I fell pregnant out of wedlock, this was a problem to me as think it over and over, it became huge. I was afraid to tell my mother, and what will she do? and my friends. Because I have been thinking about it, as they says,"every problem have solution", the solution that come in my mind was abortion. Abortion is illegal in Namibia, as a christian nation, its regard as killing. Its also very risky, most girls, some of which I know died through the process. I spoke with my boyfriend (now my husband) and he did not agree so he encouraged me to keep my baby.When I told my mother, she was She was only mad about one day, she became supportive, I stop thinking about it, and then I became happy again. I enjoyed buying my baby clothes.
Now he is 8 years old, and so glad he is in my life, it is truly a blessing, even at first it was a problem.
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Problems are not meant to last forever, they come and goes, they are like a storm that come in our life, just like storms that we watch on the news, hitting countries, cities, towns, region. Storms never last, not even for a month, some not even for a day.no matter how big your problem is, it will vanish one of the days.
I know it's not easy but keep your head up and know soon it will part of your past.

Arnol 2 years old 2012

Can you imagine life without problems? Do you this it will be a good life? do you think you will use your brain to think of anything?

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It's not really a good idea to keep your problem as a secret, open up, talk to someone whom you trust.

Forgive my English, I'm still learning.

Thank you very much for your time !!!!


wonderful family

Definately ndapewa as problems are to overcome with and a solution. By the way i'm having a personal request we can share are contact my one is 9799041083 hope you will reply having something about new to discuss.

You din't replied on it as it would be beneficial for both of us.

Nice article. Upvote done

What ever comes in your way never give up because problems are temporary.

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