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  1. I attended one session on modeling flowers.
    1.1. I was born the first child of three.
  2. I hated to go to school.
  3. When I was six years old I went to music school, violin class. Although originally passed the entrance exams in the vocal Department.
  4. In childhood I was more fun to play with the boys - climbing trees and build houses.
  5. I was beaten by parents. But the youngest got the most.
  6. My dad believes that life is for suffering, and my mother agrees with him. When I was a teenager, I argued with them on this subject, but I was still weak in my positive arguments.
  7. Until about 12 years old, I brought home various stray animals. Mom washed them, fed, but she never allowed them to stay. Now I understand it, it is a hard work to care for a living creature. The child will play with an animal for 5 minutes, but caring for your little friend requires a lot of effort.
  8. I liked to invent my own puzzles.
  9. Once when I was 8 years old, at a party, I took a couple of coins that lay on the shelf. And bought ice cream.
  10. Quite recently, I discovered that I love to read. 23 years, I hated it. I found interesting to read is that I'm truly touched.
  11. And Yes, I love to run. In this I feel freedom. But before I was painfully to run in school or in training.
  12. Love to draw, write poetry, dream to write songs.
  13. I love looking at the sky.
  14. I wanted to get married since I can remember.
  15. In January of this year, I again picked up the violin after 22 years of hiatus.
  16. I started a public blog. Thank You Steemit.

With love NatiChi


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