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in #life4 years ago (edited)


Stay away from negative people... they have problem for every solution.

Éloignez-vous des personnes négatives ... ils ont un problème pour chaque solution.


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Hello @natachayacinthe1
welcome to Steemit! Thanks for upvoted on my post!
I am very happy to meet Canadian here.
Nice to see yah, I 'm also from Toronto!
I hope, we will see more often here cheers up!

Greetings from Montreal, the most beautiful city in canada. lol
I wish you much success. And I'll follow you. I am glad to see Canadians in this place. We will help each other to build this.

Hi from a fellow Canadian.

I like the comment about "a problem for every solution."

I too am relatively new on Steemit. The trick is to make interesting, high-quality posts, and keep plugging away.

Thanks for the upvote.

Best of luck, and Full Steem Ahead.

Hi fellow canadian
glad to see you on steemit. I will follow you and love your posts. I wish you a lot of succes. We'll try to help each other.

Sounds good. There's a constant flow of posts on Steemit, so it's easy to lose oneself in the deluge. But we must remember that the site is in many ways a "community" of people working together towards one goal. And the way to that goal is to interact and support one another, as much as possible.

So, now that we are following each other, let's try to make it a point to check back occasionally, even if that's only to check out our respective blogs.

Full Steem Ahead.

Hey you!!! My favorite fellow canadian. I'll call you my FFC. Nice to see you. Much love