The World of Imagination

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My littlest sweetheart has an imagination that can’t be stopped. Toys are her delight. She makes up scenarios constantly. Whether they are dolls or cars or popsicle sticks, those objects are going to end up in a rigorous communication challenge which they will amicably resolve, but probably after some violence.


These Little People are in the waiting area at Kid2’s dojo. Kid 3 spends at least two hours every week playing with them as her sister kicks and blocks.


Kid 3 set up these photos and asked me to capture and share them.


She wants to bring the world into her game.


I adore watching her arrange and rearrange the dolls with her chubby fingers. They won’t be pudgy much longer. She’s growing up fast.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this little peek into her mind. Now I’m putting my phone away so I can enjoy her game of Eenie Meenie Minie Mo.

images and post by @shawnamawna



Lolz....what a great and unique baby...

Thank you!

children are priceless gifts. and we grow old when we stop playing

I hope I never grow old. Where is the joy when you don't play?

Kids usually have a great creative imagination. They are more creative than many adults. Smart girl. And you have added some great photos here.

Thank you. She is quite a firecracker. Well loved too.