All Wound Up

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I often wonder how Kid3 manages these feats. She has a knack for getting stuck in odd situations.

images and post by @shawnamawna


Haha, oh my. I can totally related. My second always seem to creating new webs to get caught in.

How did this even happen? She twisted her hair with the clothe?

These little ones sure do have a knack for trouble, don't they?

I remember once when I was a nanny the little girl I was watching went to the bathroom by herself and seconds later (and as her mom was walking through the door) she was shrieking bloody murder because she had gotten her entire head of hair wrapped up in a circular brush.

It is kinda hilarious when we see kids did it. However, I always curious about what was they thinking or imagine before sticking themselves on that kind of situation. Children are amazingly unique.

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