Introduce myself for english speakers.

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Good day my followers. My name is Murzagaliyev, Narkhan I was born in Kazakhstan in the West in the small town of Uralsk but whole life lived in capital called Astana. My life to some it may seem interesting to someone not really, but it's up to you my dear. And so was born in a wealthy family except me has an older sister, younger brother and me. I studied all my life in private schools up to grade 9 in Kazakhstan, then I think the fun began. I moved to New Zealand in Auckland in my 15 years, all alone in order to finish secondary education, I lived there for 2 years Already. Then I immediately moved to Switzerland to Geneva and lived there for Two years. After that, he lived there for some time in Kazakhstan, then moved to China in a large metropolis called Tianjin and live here already for the third year. in my lifetime I have visited more than 25 countries at the moment, I'm 21 years old. And so starting my own blog about everything I know will tell, and all I saw was good, and very bad for some, even dangerous, extreme, terrible, and all all all. Just let me tell you what I only things are not met, and what kind of people just do not see. And I will continue to read and tell you with great pleasure. And I want to apologise in advance for my spelling and grammar. Let me learn along with you.


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welcome to the era of freedom

Thank you very much)

welcome to steemit narkhanm and enjoy stay here .

welcome to the steemers family

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