How i went from Kazakhstan to New Zealand alone in 15 years old!!!!!steemCreated with Sketch.

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IMG_0502.JPG Since childhood, our family loved to go abroad so many as everybody, but at one point when I was very young in the 5th grade, I was asked would I like to go to England with a group for a month to learn English(kazakh and russian native speaker language) and I consent. From that time began to travel alone, parents have let go me as it was useful for language in general. But I always knew when I would return home and that is just tourist trip. But after the 9th grade I passed the exam under the condition and parents sent me to New Zealand. It probably was my turning point in my life. I flew a very long time, never in my life did not fly more than 24 hours on a plane. I met a Hindu brought someones house at 3am. I recall at the time I was 15 years old!!!!!!! Look at a tree and there are LEMONS grow i was shocked from that picture in my eyes!!!! And when i was in the room I started to panic, roaming mobile from Kazakhstan did not take in New Zealand, there was no internet in the room until next day. 15 years, alone very far to fly back, the ticket is horribly expensive, return date is unknown! I started crying and knocking the door of my host family to give me the phone to call my parent. House was on the edge of Auckland through the night we started to call but could not get through! And so I did not sleep another day until the Internet connection was fixed and i called to parents. How I recovered after one week of depression I'll tell you later but i think you will not like it😅 Sorry for my English, promise you that i will be better.