An ambulance, a tenner & the value of a note

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I came across a news story this morning about an ambulance blocking a driveway.

Nothing unusual about that.

However in the UK, there has apparently been a spate of people leaving rude notes to ambulance drivers parking in places that happen to inconvenience others. It goes without saying how egoistical you'd have to be to leave such a note on an ambulance!

However today's story was what I like to call a 'rebound' piece.

This paramedic was greeted with an understanding message and a £10 note to buy a cup of coffee.


While the story was 'nice', it would have pasted me by as 'much a do about nothing' had the anonymous tipper not left a ten pound note to buy a coffee.

It's petty but couldn't shake the feeling that £10 for a coffee seems very expensive. However for a team of two or three paramedics, you probably wouldn't get much change out of a tenner for a round of coffee.

I'm going to reveal my age a bit here however 'I remember the days when' the tipper would have had an option to leave £1 note under the windscreen. 'Back then' that £1 would have probably been more enough to get the coffees and a pack of donuts to boot.

Inflation is an insidious beast.

The rise in the cost of things is often accompanied with changes in denominations (e.g. coins for notes) and advances in technology (touchless, mobile payments) that result blur our sense of change in value.

I wonder if in 50 years, it will be the norm to leave a £50 note on the windscreen of a ambulance for coffee!

This inflationary tale is a far contrast from cryptocurrency.

Eight years ago 10,000 Bitcoin would buy you two pizzas.

Today, one-ten of a Bitcoin could by two dozen pizzas.

Maybe in 50 years time every ambulance will have a QR code on the windscreen that a passer-by can use to tip any amount in cryptocurrency of their choice, using the memo field to leave a nice virtual note.

Maybe in 50 years time, we'll baulk not just at the notion that people would leave rude notes for paramedics but also at the idea that people would leave 'paper money' notes on ambulance as well!


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I'm shocked someone didn't knick the tenner before the paramedics got to it :D
There's hope still.


Thats what I was thinking as well

That's nice of someone to go out of their way to leave them a little gift. It surprises me that people would actually leave notes on an ambulance complaining they're blocking. Weird.

Maybe in 50 years time every ambulance will have a QR code on the windscreen that a passer-by can use to tip any amount in cryptocurrency of their choice, using the memo field to leave a nice virtual note.

Ha ha, that's funny. Could be. I wonder if they'll have a "tap to pay" option for when you board the ambulance. Maybe you could pay for your pizza with Bitcoin and get it delivered to the ambulance. Ok, now I'm just being silly.

Leave money is a good idea? no, i don't think, if this happen in my country im sure the money will take by others within 10mins XD lol

A £10 note will be litter Nanzo! and you'll get a 0.001 SBD on the spot fine for that!

I think we are entering the phase where Gradually fiat is phasing out. The inflationary tale is a horrid one, especially in developing countries. I will love to see that future where Crypto sorta becomes the norm

Well the tipper must have ben generous of that 10 Pound . While like you said the value of money is decreasing everyday and as it seem sit will more in the coming days and like the story of BTC buying Pizza in the past and now that difference will sure be many as well.

We do not know that but yeah there is a high possibility in that as we are the crypto maniac ;)

Nice article! I also agree with you that not long from now the paper money will disappear, all to the technology

Stack those bitcoin and silver 🤑

Nice story @nanzo-scoop. I like your reflection and the way you coupled it to the near future. You are right, the time that we would not have 'paper money' is near...

good article :d

That is a great touch of kindness, good to see.

Excelente información amigo, me gustaría que visitara mi blog y me diera algo de apoyo, saludos desde Venezuela.

very good.......greetings from greece

The inflation is on a level high everywhere