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In our country, Philippines, there's a village in Leyte , under the municipality of Javier, called the Brgy. Batug.

This village is situated along the National Highway at the Northern part of Javier, Leyte. It has a total land area of 422 hectares. Accounts of old people of Brgy. Batug, Javier, Leyte was handed down from generation to generation on why this village is called Barangay Batug, started sometime in 1908-1944. As the story goes, there was a foreigner met one of the inhabitants in this place who has selling food stuff and the foreigner asked for the name of the food he was selling and he answered, Binatog, in vernacular means fried corn*** .
The foreigner reported to his master that the name of the place is Batug.

Most of all people depend on farming , one of their income comes from coconut, the . Coconut Farming image

I saw and experience their daily task and needs. image
This is Mang Jaime, preparing his crescent bolo. The primary tool in getting coconut fruit.
After, he move and slowly going up to the
coconut tree image

When he's near in the fruit , he get his bolo and cut its fruit that is ready to crop.
Down the trees, there are also men gathering the fruits.

And I myself help them picking it's coconut fruit one by one and put it in the sack and gather it in one place 50meters walking near the highway were the buyer can pickup the goods.

At that time I feel thirsty, and I ask a coconut
fruit to drink a fresh coconut juice.

Wow!!! Very refreshing!!! 😊 Ahhhh....thanks ....

After that, we continue picking-up the fruits. With other man.

Then after its all gathered, the owner of the coconut farm called the buyer.
This is the life in this place that I encountered.
Until here, hope to post more stories.
Thank you!

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