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What did a mighty tiger do when confronted by a mad dog? The way it's picked up in the story below has really inspired us so much.

A tiger sees a mad dog, it hurries away so far away. The tiger said to his father, "Daddy, dare to fight a lion, dare to compete with a hunting dog, and yet avoid a mad dog, it's a face loss!"

Tiger asked, "Follow me, beat a mad dog with glory?"

Tiger baby shook his head

"Let the mad dog bite one by one, is it black?"

Tiger child nodded nodding.

So what, we have to touch a mad dog? - Not everyone can be considered as your opponent, do not argue with people without qualities, just smile one Then stay away, do not let them bite you.

This is something you have to look for, because in reality this life, there are many people are fighting with mad dogs without being aware of the problem.

Scatter typical stories

On the summer of 2014, a murder case occurred in Denmark. The woman who had been harmed never heard of the "law of trash!" When ordinary people encounter scoundrels, do not use normal ways to attack or react to them.

Hopefully honest people keep this in mind!

Early in May, 1515, a Chinese driver, Chengdu, China hit a female driver on the street because the woman suddenly changed the lane as each of us should remember very carefully. The law of trash. "

In this incident, the driver did not comply with the traffic regulations, changed the lane, caused unsafety to others, she was a typical scum model.

The male driver is a hot guy, the fact that he hit women in the street also made him make himself a scum.

The woman had to pay the price in a way that was hit by others, even fined for violating traffic safety regulations. The man responsible for the criminal, must suffer more severe treatment.

A couple eating dinner in a restaurant. Beautiful girlfriend was drunk by drunk men at the table next to tease. My boyfriend saw that, and after we finished eating, we went away.

Girlfriend: "Why are you so bad, are you still a man?"

His boyfriend replied, that he did not want to fight the thief. The girlfriend began to get agitated, after scolding his boyfriend continues to turn to scold the drunken men, the result was surrounded by the crowd beaten.

Boyfriend stabbed 3 knife stroke, died in hospital. Before dying, he asked his girlfriend, " Are you considered a man now?

If the girlfriend knew how to stay away from the trash from the beginning, tragedy did not happen.

In today's modern society, there seems to be no longer a so-called fundamental moral limit. Tragedy comes to man after only one thought that is immature, really scary.

A friend of mine is driving his own road. Suddenly a black car booted up from the parking location, appeared in front of my friend's car.

He brakes quickly, the car slide a mile away, only a few centimeters away two cars have collided with each other.

The driver of the black car was mad, jumping down and shouting at us. But my friend just laughed, waving at the enemy.

I mean, my expression is very honest. I asked him, "Why are you doing this again? Nearly people have ruined your car, maybe even harming us."

My friend explained: "Many people are like 'trash', they run around all day, they are full of trash, full of discomfort, irritation, jealousy, compassion, hatred, Full of arrogance and one-sided.

They greed not satisfied, they resentment, compared, no see people or anything nice around, ignorant, ignorant, brainstorm, psychologically want to avenge but only in the sense of lovelorn loop.

And so, rubbish in the lap a lot more, forcing them to find places to pour down.

At times, we meet the right people like that and the garbage is falling on us ...

So, no need to pay attention! Just smile, waved, away from them and continue to work. Humans are smart and honest, absolutely do not receive garbage from them and then carry it to their family, friends, co-workers or other road users. "

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