The only philosophy of marriage: the crocodile and giraffe story

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Marriage is not always just pink, so many couples get married after they realize they are not what they expected. At this time, the only philosophy to sustain a marriage is to say only one sentence.

The giraffe is extremely tall. The crocodile guy is too small. Their height varies by 2.43 m. Even so, they really fell in love and decided to get married. After the marriage, they both lived in the house of the crocodile.

But that place is not ideal, a bit is not ideal! Where giraffes go where they have been hit in the head.
When she sleeps, just stretch out, then she will not see the croc. When she wants to relax a little, the same thing arises!

The crocodile husband: "So just pay, we move to his wife's house so, at home is much better than this little house."

Then they moved to the giraffe's house, but living there was hard too.

See, crocodile husband does not how to sit on the dinner table?

They switch to a very low table, but giraffes can not eat rice. Stairs at the giraffe's house for crocodiles are too tall, even opening the door is very difficult.

What makes the crocodile affliction most unhappy is that each time the toilet has to climb extremely hard, like circus, both dangerous and stressful. Clothes drying must also not hand on the rope.

They live together more and more inconveniently, if they continue, both will feel uncomfortable.
The only thing that is not the problem is that when sleeping in bed, only now, they can look straight at the enemy, only now can they look at each other's eyes, with a sweet smile, Only now is pleasant pleasant.

And finally they came up with a way to solve the problem. The next morning the sun glowed, the crocodile husband and the giraffe's wife were in the garden on a grand plan. In order to have a long happy life, they started digging a huge hole.

Together they saw, chiseled, drilled wood, glass and trees ... The giraffe's wife also made ladders for crocodile husband!

After they are done, all are cleaned, shiny. Finally, they drove a large water tank to fill the tank with water.

Now crocodiles and giraffes live in a pool, under water, their height is the same. Can look at each other, give each other honey sweet smile.

In front of the picture they like most, on the picture is written the words "great plan".

The meticulous observation can be seen not only in the lake, but in the toilets, stairwells, hanging baskets, beds, doors, etc. On the wall at the bed are two pictures of where they used to be.

What did you learn from this comic?

The name of this comic is "Crocodile love giraffes , " which is a story for children from 4 to 6 years old reading, children at this age a lot. In the future they will have to experience through this sensitive period, this series will help them feel interested in marriage life.

The story focuses on the relationship of good marriage and also tells us that the only philosophy of marriage is "to stand shoulder to shoulder".

Crocodile and giraffes love each other so they get married, but after they live together, they find out they have a great difference between them, they all feel very unhappy, but in the end they also pass.

The vast majority of couples who love each other think that their companionship will be their ideal type, so they decide to marry.

But then when they live together they find themselves unable to accept the character or habits of life of the enemy, then gradually they each one reclining.

But crocodiles and giraffes are not divorced, they come together to work out a good solution, solve the problems they encounter, eventually live happily happily together. This is indeed a very useful lesson for modern couples.

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