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The story is: one day, someone asked an old man, the moon and the sun which is more important. The old man thought for a long time, and then answered, "It's the moon, the moon is more important." "Why?" "Because the moon shines in the dark, that's when we need the most light. , while the day is already bright enough, even if the sun is shining. "
You may laugh at the old man, but do you feel that many people think so? Every day someone caring for you, you do not feel like, but suddenly there strangers help you, then you think that person is good.
Parents and relatives are always good with you, you take it for granted, even you do not mind, one day someone also treat you so, you appreciate it. Do you think it's the same thing as "appreciating the moon, negating the sun"?
There was a girl arguing with her mother, so angry that she ran out, decided not to go back to that hideous house anymore! All day around in the street, the belly is hungry, but do not carry money, afraid of eating the restaurant is lost face.
It was so late, she stood in front of the noodle shop hear the aroma. The girl really wants to eat, but she has no money, only to swallow her saliva.
Suddenly, the proprietor of the noodle shop asked intently, "Girl, do you want to eat noodles?" The girl replied nervously, "Yes, but I have no money." The boss laughed and said, "Ha ha, it's okay, today I'm supposed to invite you?"
The girl did not believe in her ears, sat down. A moment later, the noodles are brought out, the girl eats and says, "My dear, you are so good!"
The boss said, "Well, what do you say?"
The girl replied: "I do not know who you are, why do you treat me so well, unlike your mother, do not know what you want and need, so annoying!"
The boss laughed: "Ha ha, little girl, I did not last for you to eat a bowl of noodles, how do you appreciate that, my mother cook for me to eat more than twenty years, so is she? The more thank you my mother more, right? "
Listen to the noodle boss, the girl thinks of her mother, imagining her mother looking at her outside the door, feeling her heart tighten.
The girl feels sorry for her mother very much. But she did not say anything, when she ran out to ask: "Well, where are you running today? I am very worried, go home wash your hands and eat rice. " That night the girl felt how much she loved her mother.
When the sun is still there, everyone forgets its light; When relatives are still there, people also forget about their warmth for themselves. The person being cared for every moment is not grateful. Because they think that the day is already bright enough, the sun is redundant.
In our present life, we always disregard what we have, assuming that it is natural, that what we ourselves do not have grievance fate is unfair, it seems that the whole world owes them we very much.
Actually, thanks is also a positive attitude in life. As many say, thank the people who hurt you, because they train your will; appreciate those who bully you, because they give you rich experience, thank those who despise you, because they awaken your self-esteem ... must have a heart to thank you, thank fate, All that makes you mature and all that is around you.
When we have the heart to thank, we use our hearts to observe, to feel and to love. The grass grows abundantly because of the sunshine thanks to the birds who feed on the bait because of their mother's labors, the young plants grows well in response to the cooled springs, Study to give the answer to parental support.

🌱 Learn to thank, thank you for this life, gave the bright sun, blame the person who finally got nothing! Clouds rolled and thawed, flowers blossomed, everything is worth your respect, gratitude to the moon, the more you must thank the sun.

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