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There is a poor man who always complains about his fate. He often wondered why he was so hard to wear a shirt to eat, pieces of rice to eat. At times unfavorable weather is hungry. Meanwhile, there are people who are still happy to be worried. This person asked the Buddha to help to answer his unholy. In front of the Buddha, the poor weeps tell about the daily extremities, working fatally but dying just enough to eat each meal without the means to save.

After a while, the poor commented, "You see life is unfair, why are rich people enjoying and poor people like us here working hard all year long can not Be like them? "

The Buddha smiled and asked, "How do you think I am fair?"

Yes, I want you to let the poor and the rich come from the same place to see how they live. If after a while the rich are still rich, then you will have nothing left to complain about. "

Buddha nods and says, "Okay!"

The Buddha turns into a co-starting point like the poor.

Each person to a mountain to find a livelihood. The mountains have coal mines, so they can exploit coal every day and bring them to the market for money. After a month will see the results.

Two people digging coal together. Poor people work hard and soon dig a charcoal truck, selling them to the market for money. He took that money to buy good food brought to his wife and children enjoy.

The other person did not do so well, digging a little tired and sweaty. In the late afternoon, we were able to finish digging near coal trucks, and also bring them to the market for money. However, he only bought some raw bread, the rest to save.

The next day, the poor digs up coal and the other goes to the market. A moment later he returned to two very healthy men and nothing to do to make money. The other two came to the coal mine, no one asked anyone to dig, the man just stood and directed them to work.

Only in the morning, the man had two charcoal trucks filled. He brought back the market for money and hire more workers. Every one of his coal mines a lot more, minus the money paid to employees is also quite good.

A month goes by quickly and the poor still, everyday buy delicious food, sweet but not save anything. In contrast, the other person has become rich, possessing a healthy army to exploit coal for sale daily, earning money.

And perhaps the poor have nothing left to complain about.

This story gives us an insight into the key to success or becoming "rich." Success does not lie in the fact that we are putting all our energy into the work, but the way it is deployed to optimize our human and financial resources. If you know how to make good use of the money initially, even if it is a little too early, we will succeed.


Good lesson from your story. Thank you for share it...

Thank you mate...

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This is a good post about the life. Thank you for your post.

thank you

great post
i will follow your account to see how are you doing;) please follow me

ok. thank you

Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.

thanks you. you are friendly <3

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