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Van is a very beautiful girl, she has been working in this company for three years, the colleagues behind her one by one have the opportunity to promote, and she kept stomping on the spot, in the heart I find it unfair.
Then one day, Van faces the risk of dismissal, she finds the boss to argue. "President, have I ever come home early, or violate company rules?"
The boss answered frankly, "No".
"So is the company biased me?"
He was slightly stunned, then said, "Of course not."
"Why do people who have less work experience than me are gaining weight, and I just keep doing it in an unimportant position?"
For a moment, the president choked on the words, then smiled and said, "Your job is to say, now I have something important to do, or do you help me handle it first?"
"A partner prepares for our company to survey products, contact them, ask when they come."
"This is an important task." Before going she did not forget to mock a sentence.
Fifteen minutes later, she came to the boss's office.
"Have you contacted?" The boss asked.
"Contact us, they say maybe next week will come."
"What kind of stuff?" The boss asked.
"This one I did not ask."
"They have some people."
"Oh! He asked me this question! "
"So will they go by train or plane?"
"This verse you did not ask me to ask!"
The boss said nothing more, he phoned Ngoc phone.
Ngoc in the company after working a year Van, now the person in charge of a department, Ngoc also took the same Van like.
A moment later, Ngoc returned. "This is ..." Ngoc said: "They will go to the plane at 3 pm next Friday, about 6 hours will arrive, with 5 people, I have told him, our company will send people to the airport to pick them up. "
"In addition, they intend to survey within two days, the specific itinerary, when they arrive, the two sides will discuss. In order to facilitate the work of the two parties, I would like to arrange for them to stay at the International Hotel in the near future, if you agree, tomorrow I will book in advance. "
"Also, the weather forecast next week is raining, I will keep in touch with them regularly, if anything changes I will report back to the president."
Van standing next to him, his face flushed, he could not speak anymore, hesitated to return to his office.
That night, she received a message from the president:
Send Van! Wherever you work, remember these important principles:
Principle 1: The work does not keep people lazy, the collective does not feed the lazy.
Principle # 2: In a unit of work, do not just focus on making money, learn first how to make money.
Rule 3: No industry is easy to make money.
Principle 4: Work, no place is favorable, inhibited frustration is normal.
Principle 5:
-Not earning money, gain knowledge.
-Not to gain knowledge, gain experience.
-Im not earning experience, gain experience.
-When you earn the money, do not be afraid to make money.
Principle 6: Only when we change our attitude can we change our position in society.
It is only when we change our working attitude that we gain a high position in our profession.
Principle 7: Causes people to feel ambiguous only one. It is in the years that we should strive, so work hard, we think too much, but do too little!
Always remember: Work with the mind!
She suddenly understood, no one just born was able to take care of the important, that everyone started from the simplest, most ordinary. How do you stick to a sign today? It will probably decide whether or not you will keep your important role tomorrow. The level of care, concern for the work directly affects the performance, any company is very in need of active, responsible and active employees in the work.
Outstanding employees are never passive, waiting for others to arrange their work, but they are always motivated to find out what they should do and then work hard to get it done.
Ten types of people never get high salaries, nor worth to foster:

  1. People want to rest both Saturday and Sunday.
  2. He wants to go to work at nine in the morning and work at five o'clock in the afternoon.
  3. People want to live on basic salary.
  4. People do not have progress.
  5. People do not have a race against time.
  6. People do things slowly.
  7. People without dignity.
  8. People do not dare take responsibility.
  9. People always feel that their products are too expensive.
  10. People always blame the company.

Hua Jinxi, the founder of HuaWei, once said: Many people have asked me if the company has a Saturday and Sunday holiday. Do I need to overtime?
At that time I just laughed without saying, the flute invited them out of the company. Wanted to idle, what else to go to work? At home, is it a week off?
As a person, if not trying to try when young, then you have a youth to do?
It is said that youth is the capital, I want to add that, only when striving, your capital is worth, only at risk, your youth is worth your pride.
-Open your mouth to mention the difficulty, the maturity is way too far away.
-Let's take a moment to think about the answer, the opportunity is way too far away.
-When you started to think of personal interests, sweet fruit has been way too far away.
-When the flourishing demanded conditions, the future is way too far away.
-New cooperation has thought of how not to lose yourself, career has been way too far.
Hope this article helps many people, hope you will become outstanding talent, with brilliant success!


Seem like something that happens in a lot of companies. The hard worker gets overlooked by management. It looks you know that may be have to start your own business. @namct

All will be rewarded. I believe so

That is one truth to be told in few cases

there is many things to learn from the post
will definitely help from now on
thanks for sharing

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