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There is a parable that is worth considering for all of us:
One day, the lion misled the manager of 10 wolves and did not forget to distribute the food of the day to them.
After receiving the meat, divide the meat into 11 equal parts, take part in itself and divide the 10 pieces into 10 wolves. But 10 wolves feel their parts are low so they fight against the newspaper.
Even though a wolf fight was reported, but 10 children together, there is no way to cope. It went wrong to find a lion to resign.
The lion finished listening and said: From now on, keep watching me learn.
On the second day, the lion divides the meat into eleven equal parts, chooses the largest part by itself, and then speaks up with the wolves: You talk about how the meat is divided.
To get bigger, the wolves swooped, attacked, muttered in a violent way.
➡️ Reported to be very lions, it asked this is how good. Lion laughed: Have you ever heard of performance wages? Not because of this difference, but what are the wolves that they are trying to gain?
On the third day, the lion divides the meat into 11 pieces, takes it by itself, and declares with the wolves: You discuss how the meat is divided.
There are only 9 servings of wolves in the world. There is no other way than to hurry up and swallow up. Finally, there is only one of the smallest wolves that can not be robbed, eaten crushed on the ground. .
➡️ Snooze again to respect the lion and do not forget to ask what this is. The lion laughed: Have you heard of human excretion? If it is not strong enough, being knocked back is of course the case.
On the fourth day, the lion divides the food into two parts, taking its own part and, like twice before, tells the wolf how to divide the food.
Finally, the strongest wolf defeats all the other creatures, and gains the privilege of fighting alone.
After eating full stomach, the strongest wolf is the new one for the others to eat with and so, the other become his junior, bowing to the management of it, order, turn to enjoy the number. Excess flesh that it does not eat.
Since then, lions just need to manage a wolf, just distribute the food to the wolf and no need to spend the effort to manage the other wolves.
No need to say lion salvage. He went on to ask the lion what was the best way to do this.
➡️ Lion laughed: Have you ever heard of a higher position than ever? Because of a position higher than others, he must be more prominent and must be able to beat all the rest.
On Thursday, the lion divides the food into five parts, takes 3 parts by itself, then takes one of the other two, continues to divide the portion into nine small sections and tells the wolves:
Each of you accepts a part, we want to examine you, will ultimately decide the best person who can receive the greatest rewards.
The wolves quickly took their share, and each child thought for a long time.
Many children relied part of their diets on lions, the only one who decided to give up all that he had for the lion and eventually won the biggest piece of meat.
Lions get 80% of the food the day, only the remaining 20% ​​are given to the wolves without daring to speak.
The reporter was dressed up as a lion and did not forget to learn this great strategy.
➡️ The lion just laughed and said: Have you ever heard of the benefits of knowing how to please your boss?
And clearly, just over four days "apprentice", the newspaper has been receiving four expensive lessons in life.


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