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A late father comes home from work. He was tired and uncomfortable seeing his son
A seven-year-old girl is waiting for him on the doorstep.
"Daddy, can I ask this?" Asked the little girl.
"Okay," said the father.

"In one hour three swords
How much money? "The girl next
Although in the belly think her children
Girls do not need to know this,
But he still reluctantly replied.
"If you ask, you say, you earn
$ 50 per hour, "the father replied.
"Yes," replied the little girl. "Can you lend me $ 25?"
And this question raged the father. "If you borrow money to buy something
No matter what toys or stuff are worthless, they immediately go to their rooms
How do you think you are so selfish? I do not do any back deer
One day I'll buy you a lump in the room! "She was quiet
Go back to the room and close the door.
About an hour later, the father calmly returned. After all, before
Now is the time she asked for money. He must have reacted too harshly
With you He walked up to her room and opened the door.
"You were a little harsh with me," the father said to his daughter, and he
Open your wallet, "$ 25 here."
"Thank you," she exclaimed happily. Then the little girl underneath a pillow
Wrinkled paper money, and began to count.
His father had a tumultuous attack. "I have money and ask again?"
He hissed.
"Because you do not have enough money," she replied. "Now you've got 50 dollars. Alcohol
Can you buy an hour? Tomorrow we will go home early
light. I want to have dinner with you. "

The father collapsed. Tears rolled down his cheeks, he wrapped his arms around his waist
Beautiful daughter in the heart and say sorry. In that moment the father
Recognizing that the company that he is serving with all his heart can find
His replacement in minutes ... but no one can replace
He made her father

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