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  1. Story one
    The story is that Korean men are very rich, up to 70 years old, they still have a high demand for sex. This also led to the consumption of condoms in this country is huge. But the problem is, to the store bought condoms are afraid, almost 70 years old to buy more afraid, so many men were put into dilemma led to the sale of condoms stagnated for some time. To solve this situation, the pharmacists devise a method, they put together a box of condoms in the bath soap box as a gift attached and put on sale. So every time a customer comes in just say "I want to buy soap", the shopkeeper will understand what they really need. So not only embarrassing customers, but the drug store also sells condoms.
    The interesting lesson from this story is that not only does it capture the needs but also understands the behavior of the customer and finds creative ways to reach and satisfy their needs. So you have to study very carefully about the socio-cultural factors, habits of the target customer to target the appropriate strategy.
  2. The second story

    In the US they have a very hasty sales tactics. On 7 Elevent bought beer, saw 2 bags of Budweiser. 1 bag of 12 cans for $ 17, 1 bag of 18 cans for $ 18. Do not think, carry 18 bags of money. Buy finished to realize that I bought more than usual. Sales of Budweiser suddenly increased by half just because of pricing policy. 12-can bag is just SALES TRADING.
    This is called UPSEL by COMBO. They give customers the option but no option is NOT.
    Because we like to choose not to sell.
  3. The third story

    What about the iPhone 7? They only sell 32GB, 128GB, 256GB.
    With 4K camera and video recording, 32GB of memory is too small, 64GB will be more reasonable but ... no. Most people "try" on the 128GB version is more expensive than $ 100, so Apple increased sales naturally.
    This is called UPSELL by RAVING FANS. Already a fan, money is no longer a problem.
  4. The fourth story

    At KFC, when you buy fried chicken, staff will recommend Pepsi, a tiny 15K glass. But ever so, they would ask, "Would you like to add 3K to a bigger one?" (Big cup is twice as large) so I nod to the big one.
    This is called UPSELL by SALES. Because the easiest time to sell is when the customer has just agreed to buy the first item.
    Remember, McDonald's only taught the staff to say, "Do you use more potato chips?" And each day they sell 4 million pounds of potatoes.
  5. The fifth story

    Three evil beasts are wolves, bears and fathers bullies bullies. Go to the top and say to the flock: "I should invite one of the three wolves, bears or fox as our leader. All the goats disgraced, but three "hungry god" heard this news very happy. So they turned to scramble for leadership, eventually foxes used deadly traps were wolves and bears. But then it alone is no longer bullied bullies anymore.
    Lesson learned: Be careful when you hear that you are about to be boss!
  6. Story number six

    He loved her since she was fifteen and sixteen. Both sneaky travel, relations, family stirrer, escape home, scared to death if not accepted. If the relationship lasts one year, is called delinquent, seduce the minor, there is a risk of the court serving a sentence. If the love lasted three years, called love thief, love left unfair. If the love lasts six or seven years, it will be called true love, crossing the mountain climbs over so many difficulties to love each other.
    Lesson learned: What you do not matter, how important you are in ... how long!
  7. story number seven

    A cave, if sleeping with the workers or labor outside the province, is called a social object. If sleeping with giants, is called long legs. If you sleep with a lawn star or silver screen, will be properly informed about the story "occupation" and displayed open skinned public, no one intended to capture her.
    Lesson learned: What you do is not important, it is important to do it to someone!

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