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  1. There is no pressure without diamonds.
  2. If you want to find passion, the first thing to do is wake up.
  3. A head full of fear will not have room for thirst.
  4. You never know how strong you are until strong is your only choice.
  5. Do not worry when you see someone better than you. Just focus on "breaking your own record" every day, keep pushing yourself forward.
  6. Really do not need to turn to see who curses who you are. When a dog bites a bite you must run back to bite the dog a play?
  7. A bird perched on a branch is never afraid of a broken tree by faith in the wings, not in the branches.
  8. No one has the right to judge you because they do not know what you have experienced. They may have heard stories but they never have the same feelings for you.
  9. Nothing is wrong, even the dead clock is correct twice a day.
  10. If fate gives you bad cards, learn how to be a good player.
    Age does not speak of maturity, score does not speak of competence and rumors do not tell who you are.
  11. One day you will not even remember the damn pain that one day you thought it lasted forever.
  12. Everyone is a genius in their field, but if you value a fish through the ability to climb trees, then your whole life will think you are ignorant and stupid.
  13. The biggest fear in this life is the fear of public opinion. At the moment you are no longer afraid of the crowd, you are no longer a sheep, you become a lion. A loud roar in your heart, the roar of freedom.
  14. Somewhere in the world, there is a trainee and you are not. And when confronted with them, they will defeat you.
    Life is like riding a bike, if you want to balance you have to keep moving.
  15. You may not find your way, but it is important that you know where you are in your heart.
  16. The only person who does not make mistakes is the one who does nothing. Do not be afraid of mistakes, as long as you do not make the same mistake twice.

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