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 Skateboarding, which is all about riding a skateboard, is one of the most spectacular sports. It originally comes from California. It was created by surfers in the 1940s-1950s, who were bored as they had nothing to do when the waves were flat. However, a skateboard looked a lot different back then. It was a simple board on wheels, or a wooden box with wheels attached to it for smooth riding.

Skateboarding is not only about riding a skateboard on a flat surface; it also involves performing tricks. Actually, it is believed to be the most difficult one among extreme sports. It is very hard to control a board which is not even strapped to your feet. It requires incredible physical strength and muscle memory that should be trained for years.

 I`ve already published a post about these guys, but I have some photos left. So here`s some more! I was totally amazed by their performance at the celebration!!! And the photos are very flattering as well…  


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very enjoyable thank you for showing us dear @nadin3

Your photography is amazing, and so are the skateboarders tricks.

the tricks are done perfectly

This is so cool! haha I totally go into skateboarding in the late 80s and early 90s. I never got very good at it though, I was also in BMX biking. lol oh those were the good ole days.


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