You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed..

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 Many people decide to get a pet just to add a little bit of joy into their apartments. Most often people choose dogs and cats. These cute animals get so attached to their owners that their loyalty and affection can even become an example for human beings. However, we do not always rush to follow it. If anything, we pay for our pets` fidelity and sincere love with cruel betrayal. And it is not uncommon.

Many people get a kitten or a puppy because of their child`s nagging, or simply because they get bored. They do so without realizing that once their pet grows up, it will be much more troublesome to take care of. And when such owners start facing these problems, they just decide to get rid of the animal. They take their pet out of the city and into the woods, or simply throw it out into the streets. Hungry, scrawny, sick and worn out stray animals are a common addition to the street scenes of any city. 

Anyone who has ever looked into the eyes of a stray dog knows very well how kind, smart and sad they are. It is almost as if such dogs understand that they are innocent victims, but they humbly accept their fate because their owners decided so – the same owners who attached them to themselves as little puppies just for entertainment.

“You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed,” as famous Little Prince said. We should always remember about those living beings which we led to believe in our love, and never disappoint them.

People, please, do not hurt your pets! They still believe in our kindness… 

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I think everyone should discard selfishness when they want pets. when you are very busy with work and do not have enough time, you should not adopt a pet. really pity the pet who was finally abandoned because of the selfish nature of the owner

Thanks for sharing this post


thank you for your feedback

what a sad post.... what the eyes of this dog... it is necessary to cultivate love for our little friends


Сама не могу смотреть без слез на этих животных, которые по причине безответственности людей страдают.Может хоть ,путем таких обращений где то совесть проснется....


So sad, i am a dog person, but still don't have the encouragement to get one since i was 15, we had a dog at that time and for some reason, it didn't live long and i watched him die, i cried so hard, even now when i think back, my eyes are full of water, it was so so so sad and heartbroken, i will never get a dog before i am ready, i hope everyone should do the same, they deserve our responsibility. thank you for sharing this, hope it really wakes some people up and treat those lovelies one with good resposiblity.

This is a very powerful post. And I feel exactly the same way. When we welcome a pet home, its officially part of our family for life. They deserve our loyalty.

Hey I liked this and couldn't agree more.

but my only suggestion would be to update your sources - it's better to have the information under the images. All the best.

You are right @nadin3, I personally love my pet animals very much, it's just that I prefer to keep the kind of grain-eating animals like chickens and birds


We also had chickens