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Hi guys? How have you been?

I feels like it's been long time since my last post. I am sure we all have special friend who has been there for us even at our lowest, now i would like to invite you guys to share your stories on comment below about "THE SWEETEST THING YOUR FRIEND DID THAT COMPLETELY CHANGED YOUR LIFE"

For me, it was long time a go when my BFF saw how broke i was after my father passed away, and he signed me up for a therapy workshop that cost him 12mio! it worked and helped me find peace. and for that i would eternally be grateful.

And then another story when i was going to celebrate my birthday this year on last july after so many years i skipped it, jet like typically indonesian and asian culture that someone who celebrate birthday has to treat colleagues and friends to a dinner or drinks. then i invited my friend, she is Australian, and she told me " Nabiel, No fucking way, where we come from if its your birthday, your friend will celebrate it by taking YOU out and paying for everything, not the other way round," and so she lead by example and took me out for dinner and booze, one of best birtday of my life.

And from then on, i vowed to spread this practice amongst my friends. by first leading by example: insisting that they keep their money, and let me take them out to celebrate them and their achievements. To my surprise, apparently it made absolute sense to them and they started doing the same to people around them, myself included. so now every time someone i don't know well asks for a free dinner or lunch during a birthday, i will politely decline and quietly think to myself, "You uncultured swine...

So guys please tell me your story in the comment, can't wait to read your story.

Let's spread love and good words.


Spread love hehe. Hope you didn't got drunk from free booze haha. Happy birthday :) !

Btw i didn't get drunk, haha Thank You @viog37, looking forward for your story too

You can invite me to your birthday, and i will treat you food. i am looking forward for your story

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