how to process garlic in cooking spice

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Garlic is

Garlic is a tuber-shaped plant. Garlic is a kind of white or yellow onion-bawangan. Garlic is coated with hard skin. In contrast to other types of onions, garlic is not shaped like a book. bulb-shaped garlic intact. Garlic has a distinctive characteristic that is sharp and has a spicy flavor. Garlic is quite easy to find in tropical countries like Indonesia and countries in Asia. this is because garlic has become the main ingredient ingredients for Asian cuisine and easy to grow in tropical countries. Garlic has many benefits, even the leaves are also the main ingredient in cooking spices.


garlic has a low cholesterol content and potassium, vitaminC and B6, phosphorus and high zinc. Garlic efficacious as a natural antioxidant that helps regenerate cells in the body. In addition, garlic proves to be a cure for colds and colds and colds, helps lower blood sugar for diabetics, helps maintain the body's immune system, to lower blood pressure for people with hypertension.

good garlic is consumed raw or in the form of cooking. As the main ingredients of cooking, garlic serves to provide a savory taste and a little spicy on the dish. Garlic also serves as an aroma enhancer in cooking. garlic is a natural flavor enhancer that is free from chemicals. Therefore, most Indonesian dishes use garlic as the main ingredient. Examples of spicy garlic dishes are fried rice, garlic bread, onion sticks, and so on. garlic is quite flexible in use for cooking or snacks.

How to Process

Garlic should be kept at room temperature and dry. Garlic is quite durable for up to two or three weeks in an unpeel and dry state. if you want to store peeled garlic, here's how:

Peel garlic and wash thoroughly then dry with wind-blown way. Store in a jar and enter the refrigerator. this way of storage is held up to ten days, peel garlic, mash in a dry state, then saute until half cooked. Leave a little oil, store in a tight jar and enter the refrigerator. this storage method lasts up to a week; peeled garlic, thinly sliced, fried to dry and crunchy. Store in airtight jars and place them in a dry room. Fried garlic hold up to two months in a dry state. this way is used to store garlic fried supplies as a sprinkling of cooking.

Processing of garlic for various kinds of cuisine. garlic can be a fine spice that is ground or mashed with other ingredients, finely chopped or coarsely for stir, or thinly sliced ​​for harsh spices and garnishes. Garlic should not be used too much in cooking to avoid scent and piercing the nose.

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