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So today is actually my birthday.. yes am getting younger lol.. I must say i have been really blessed with the best of family, friends and even lovers... Hahahaha don't blame me i actually have a large heart but reflecting on my entire life the concept of time as we know it kept hitting me

Time is considered a valuable resource equated with money like they say" time is money" but as plentiful and almost infinite as time seems i have come to notice that time itself is actually finite

Truth be told as humans even with advances in healthcare we aren't immortals and as we get older its important to have experience worth having with the little time we have to live

Learn to love, create memorable events, establish long lasting friendships and be grateful for everything which makes the lives we get to spend on earth purposeful and satisfying


Time is truely invaluable and ageing doesn't make it any easier though.
Happy birthday @n3ke

Best of lovers? How many do you have so far? How many of those do you love equally in return? lol!

May blessings be upon you more.

Indeed, time is not as important to some these days. You are wise to say that we should create memorable moments. Leave a mark such that the memory of you lives on.

Have a blast!

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Thank you so much i sure will

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