Best investment ever

in #life4 years ago

In the words of Benjamin Franklin "An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest"

I have always had this thought of being a super hero and my super power would be actually being able to access, process and use whatever knowledge i come across to solve problems (yes i would know that superman becomes a wimp when he comes across kryptonite)

Well i know we live in a world where everyone is worried about our careers, money, love just to mention a few issues but have we stopped to think just for a moment that most of our problems could actually be solved by reading books

As busy as our schedules can actually be we should create time to read books even if its a few pages an hour a day or just before we retire to bed like they always say no knowledge is actually wasted

So next time you want to add value, become valuable, solve certain problems just know that an investment in books which translates to an investment in yourself is just the path to go.

Here are two books i just recently read by Anthony Robbins, you should check them out trust me you wont be disappointed.

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