The pool in the park is used for cultivating catfish so that it can finance the park itself

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Previously I have uploaded the photo and only the photo,
now I want to tell you a little about the background of this photo or the story in this picture.
And you can click on the source below the image.

Original Photo By @mzakybrt
my first blog.

Original Photo By @mzakybrt

And I take pictures with a smartphone

Here it is clear that there is water there and it could be that a pond and pond could be everywhere.
In the picture is a pond that is found in a garden in the city where I live or live.
The unique thing here is that the pond in the garden is cultivated by the fish so that the pond is not for garden only but provides income even if it is not the same as other farmers but enough for the maintenance costs of the park itself, if you have a pool in front of the house, office or whatever if you want to be able to copy it.

Regard @mzakybrt

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