4 Kinds of people according to Buddha. Which one are you?

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King Pasenadi often took time out of his busy schedule to speak to buddha on various issues. This is one of the times when Buddha told him about the four kinds people that make up this world.

  1. One who's in the dark but moving toward light
  2. One who's in the dark and moving towards darkness
  3. One who's in the light but moving toward darkness
  4. One who's in the light and moving toward light


So what comprises of darkness and light? What exactly does Buddha mean?

Light and darkness here relates to the intentions and behavior patterns that emerge out of a person's mind. This can in turn result in 4 types of actions

  1. One that benefits neither the self nor the other
  2. One that benefits the self but not the other
  3. One that benefits the other but not the self
  4. One that benefits the self and the other


Among these, Buddha says only the last one is to be applied in one's life. This can be achieved of-course through awareness of the mind.

The first type of people are those who are born into hardship and misery but come out of it by constant practice of actions that benefit themselves and others around them. Who use their creative resources to create a win win situation around them living harmoniously.

The second type are those who live in misery and inflict the same to others and themselves.

The third are ones who are gifted with resources and comfort but in return never share anything good with the ones surrounding them and as a result create misery to themselves and others.

The fourth type are those who use their given gifts and blessings to help and uplift others who are in need.


No matter where we are born, we have the strength to make a better version of ourselves by the practice of being mindful so positive thoughts can arise that in turn create positive actions affecting the self and other around positively. This is the way strength in character is built. I thank you for sharing this post. Let's keep our community strong.


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