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Hahaha, nice. Hope your FL visit was good. You may have it the weather trifecta though. Hottest, most humid stretch we have had all year and then there was the rain!


We had great weather until the last day. It was a nasty drive to the airport.


Temporarily checking out of life.... it is a side hobby of mine too.

So often in today's society people need a vacation when they get back from their vacation!

the guy stills in vacation :D

Every. Damn. Time.

Hahaha True Story :)

I need a 6 month vacation, twice a year.

lol, I need a vacation!

For me it's like... I don't like vacation time anymore!

Yeah it pretty much makes you want to quit and live the dream the rest of your life!

Lovely photography .You deserve for vote.Please check my post.


Thanks! You wanna know the camera specs?

Hahahaha. This is how I get in my job :D

Bob is still in the vacation mindset and can't get out.

He is still day dreaming of his