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Roughly those intellectual IQ, high quality EQ those relations have set a good smart things.

               (part 1)

I want to discuss today can overcome the problem solving called quality Adversity Quotient (AQ). About AQ intelligence before the blood IQ definitions ဗါယ် So let's look at the first request to open ..

I Q (Intellective Quotient) refers to a person's intelligence obtained by measuring the blood level of blood in the intelligence of the same size are obtained and compared
If you read the above paragraph IQ is genetic, And many factors inherent to shareholders. So later at our people to excel themselves, The full capacity to focus on the corresponding EQ (Emotional Quotient).
Age rapidly. According to research from the production of high IQ and EQ 0 improved hugely important.

When you look at successful Many people, however, the ability to overcome difficulties Adversity Quotient (AQ) is the most important thing is still found. AQ begin to identify, according to the American scholar Paul Si Tuoci AQ has found match the following (4) adaptable and shape.

. AQ high and a high ability to control yourself.

No matter how bad the situation is bad, From the high-AQ bad, sometimes good field ever discovered. They just overpower them are those who have the ability to control the situation.

B. The cause of the issue with a high AQ from his previous time.

Many have adapted high quality when you see something they think, whether when Difficult problem, either, when I found her, This is the search for a variety of reasons from the outside watching. AQ higher than searching for reasons outside his own reasons and solving method from beginning to end.

C. AQ high barrier and the expansion was not a problem.

By nature, sometimes not, but we found a hundred a hundred years. The challenge was a bit exaggerated the difficulties encountered Alan could not thick. AQ high challenge Reasonable often consider the issue when it was never expanded.

D. AQ high capacity are high.

History read Obviously. The most successful but largely empty office empty-faced. They are either affected by Stress from falls or those with special abilities are. The ability to receive normal others are more calm. No matter how big a problem they come, if they have the ability to calm and resolve.


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