Narco Trip Anyone?

in #lifelast year


Even if you can imagine a narco trip with that style it was totally different, let me explain !


This old boy isn't Pablo Escobar son, he is my friend for more than 20 years now & he's getting married this saturday 💒


He had the dream of being a pilot but he studied biology & he's a professor in college, not really in the air everyday 😂


So, we decided to let him fly this small plane & he really enjoyed it ! To be honnest, I was scared of flying that high in this 600kg bird knowing the pilot 😂


And as you can see i'm not the only one worried about it !


The rest of the day is another story...

The Man of the Day!


I am really busy at the moment, looking for a job full time so not writing stories on @steemit or directing video to upload on @dtube !

I will work more on my posts, let me know what you think about it 🙌

What do you want to see next?
Writing??? Video???
Let me know 🤘

Thanks for Reading this !
Have a great day 👌


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