The arrival of the brothers

in #life4 years ago

Hello friends of Steemit! Today my post is related to the arrival of the second children or well-known brothers. imageNo doubt the arrival of a second child creates a significant impact on the family circle. While it is true that for parents represents greater responsibility, they also have 4 significant advantages: 1. Having a baby is a world known to them, the experiences that their first child left them will make them more confident. 2. They have gone through a birth: the anxiety generated by a birth is a chapter that they already lived and it will be easier to overcome. 3. They have a family organization: there is nothing better than knowing how to distribute time and tasks; it is a big advantage. 4. If the first child is in 3 or 4 years can participate actively with the new baby. imageIt is natural that upon receiving the news of a new baby the first children experience jealousy, hatred or dislike for the second child, but always make the difference that parents give their place and importance to each of the children to avoid the feeling of rejection or replacement. imageIn my opinion the brothers are the first contact with the word "we", you leave aside your individuality to be part of a whole. image Having a brother lets you know a partner, accomplice of mischief and in the best of cases share an infinite love throughout your life with a couple that despite the distance will remain alive. image Happy day friends, follow me! Bye ;)