Evening relax - Playing checkers Adult Edition :)

in life •  10 months ago

Once per 1-2 weeks Me, @olgy-art & @bonbonitta organize "evening relax" to have a talk about life, work, steemit and a lot of other interesting things ))). Our most favorite place is "Nalivkarnia", where you can taste various liqueurs, like apple, pear, 12 herbs, pumpkin, horseradish etc.
We ordered several sets of liqueurs on chessboard.

This was one of the places which we have visited that day...and a lot of fun!

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Yeah, you should rename your "evening relax" into "alco relax". xD Though I wouldn't mix together any of the above. A simple bottle of wine would do perfectly for me.

Тепер всі будуть думати, що ми алкоголіки 🙄🙄🙄😁😂😂


Ми не винні, що нам дошку принесли з наливками, а не з шашками))


Бачиш, чувак зверху вже то каже 😂😂😁😁. Коля, то провал 😁😁😁


Ага)) попалилися))