My Diary article-13

in #life4 years ago

The girl does not ask the AU, and I will never offer her. I love her very much. I think that health is much more expensive than carnal pleasures

For a long time did not see with MCH, i.е. and sex a couple of months already was not. Recently I came home tired, talked to my lover on the phone, drank one beer and decided to "make me happy" with a hoppy head, for which I found a good porn, and ... fell asleep. I fell asleep in the middle of viewing porn

With a young man together for more than a year, madly love each other, great sex, 3-6 orgasms at a time, tried a lot and want to develop together in this direction. I love his cock, very much. But yesterday, during the blowjob, I felt for the first time that I did not want him, that he almost disgusted me. Blowjob then finished, and then the guy kissed his hands for the pleasure. I do not know what to think now

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