MY DIARY- 2018

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I'm a girl. I have an acquaintance guy, he is 18 years old, he had more than 40 girls in terms of sex. I do not know why, but I want to be with him 99 and the last, that he would have a feeling of something unfinished. And it seems to me that he will have a lot of experience in this matter, I'm already waiting for this moment

I do not understand how you can have sex for more than an hour. I'm not interested in arranging such marathons. For me, normally 10-15 minutes, if not to take preludes. He brought the girl high, and he finished, and then it's already tedious. Better for me so 5 times 15, than at two o'clock.

Girls, do you like stockings too? I just love this feeling when they sit on a leg. I can even sleep in them, God ... I'm sick.


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