I have not been feeling at 100%: So I decided to take a little time off my normal routine

in life •  last year


The last few weeks I have not been feeling well. I took a break from steemit and a few other things that I do on a daily basis apart from exercise. I would like to say that the break was worth it. I haven't had a break from work for three years and it was something that I really needed.

  1. To evaluate my short-term goals and the long-term goals
  2. To rest and reflect
  3. To let something else other than work take the center stage
  4. Spend time with myself absolutely doing nothing

The results from this period of around 20 days were really forthcoming.

  1. I realized I would still find myself on the computer working.
  2. I came up with an exit plan from the stagnation I feel I am at.
  3. I enrolled for a certification course to run until June
  4. I spent time with my family and friends
  5. I wrote a few poems
  6. Created a wish list and a to-do list for my short-term goals. And a wish list for the long-term goals. I am giving myself the allowance to edit them should a need arise.
  7. I listened to a few motivation videos
  8. I got so nostalgic when in deep thought and cried at times
  9. I went out and had some fun
  10. I played music loudly.
  11. I Played in the rain, got a runny nose but nothing serious
  12. One of the random days we were sitting down talking with my dad and we came up with a business idea.

Now I am back and it feels like I have to play a lot of catch-ups here on steemit. While I automated some votes and read a few posts from my favorite writers, Browsing through I have found tonnes of content that I would want to go through.

From this end of the world, I would like to say take a break and rediscover a few things. Spend each day learning and applying your experience. Appreciate who you are and if you cannot start the process to become whom you can appreciate, there is no other way around this life.

Thank you for visiting my blog


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Long time girl. I love that you are very self aware and you did all these things to get you off the funk you were feeling.
We need to do these things. Every Sunday I have a Self Love Sunday routine where I have a playlist, paint my nails, wash my hair, apply a face mask, drink water, Plan my week etc. It helps me reset.
Lots of love and have a lovely week!


I miss you too. We should plan a meeting.

I felt the same way sometimes... and yeah, sometimes you need to take care of yourself first.

Take it easy!

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