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After being hospitalized for more than 3 months, Daniel Arap Moi, former president of Kenya finally succumbed to death. He died at a private hospital in Nairobi at the age of 95, leaving behind 8 children.


Moi ruled Kenya for 24 years from 1978 until 2002 when he stepped down. He's reign was full of controversies, characterized by immense corruption and brutal attacks on those that opposed he's governance.


He was born on 2 September, 1924 and went to school at Africa Inland Mission school. There after he went on to study as a teacher.

He joined politics in 1955 where he got elected as a member of the Legislative Council for Rift Valley. In 1960 he founded Kenya African Democratic Union (KADU) with an intention of rivaling Kenya African National Union (KANU) which was headed by then president Jomo Kenyatta. The two joined hands after independence in 1963 where Kenyatta appointed Moi to his government in 1964. Moi was promoted to Vice-President in 1967.


Moi succeeded Kenyatta as president in 1978 when the latter died.

In 1990, Moi's government developed external pressure due to the stagnation of the economy and countering against community influences. He was forced to give in to multiparty elections, leading he's party KANU to victory. In 1997 he still emerged victor in the presidential contest. This was he's last term as he was constitutionally barred from seeking a third term in office. Mwai Kibaki replaced him as president.

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