Dont worry .. ALLAH knew What is the Best for you.

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Hai steemians...
How are you... May Allah always Will bless us in all our days amin.
Dear steemit beloved...
***Dont worry.. ALLAH knew What is the Best for you. The promise of ALLAH is real. ALLAH knew What we need. Because the scenario of ALLAH is more beautiful than the plan we designed. ***

Thanks for reading my writing,,
Best regard me @mursidi84,,,

**upvote follow and resteem me please @mursidi84,, **


When posting content that either is owned by someone else or inspired by someone else’s works, it is proper to list the said source in your post with a link to the original.

Failing to do so is considered plagiarism, and could result in being blacklisted by curation groups or even flagged.

Examples include:

  • Using another artist's original drawing/painting/digital art as a “study” or inspiration without linking the original and giving credit to the original artist.
  • Linking to someone else’s YouTube video with no source.
  • Using someone else’s photos or text without linking to the original source etc.

Please make sure you do so in the future, thank you.

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