How to stay at the top and make the most contribution to your field

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I'm going to provide a few key themes here, especially for people who haven't started or are just getting started yet have tremendous objectives.

Change is the only constant in the corporate world, as it is in many other domains. We must either adapt or face becoming obsolete, if not completely extinct. Every day, new theories, concepts, and techniques about management styles are proposed. However, there is a point at which they all converge: the manager will learn to manage himself first and will settle in the position where he can make the most contribution to the field he oversees.


When we look at successful people throughout history, we can see that their capacity to govern themselves is the most important component in their success. The article emphasises that knowing ourselves, both in our personal lives and in our professional lives, is one of the sine qua nons of long-term success. What are your best qualities? What about your most perilous flaws? The subject of how you learn and collaborate with others is equally crucial. What are your most important values? What kind of environment do you think you can make the most difference in?

The solution is simple: you can only attain real and long-term success by comparing your strengths and self-awareness. The following are the questions you must ask yourself:

To effectively identify your abilities, it is essential that you employ feedback analyses. The following are the steps indicated in the article: When you make a significant decision, develop a list of the repercussions. Compare the outcomes you wrote down with the actual results after a few months. Examine the patterns to find where they intersect.

When looking for development chances, don't strive to bring areas where you aren't extremely talented up to the level of expertise, and make efficient use of your time. Instead, concentrate on your strengths and work to improve them.

Personally, I believe it is vital to consider the following: you can, of course, develop your talents and weaknesses; nevertheless, this development will not be equal. Investing heavily in an unproductive soil (one of your weaknesses) can yield a mediocre outcome, but every additional investment you make in a fertile soil (one of your strengths) will yield a much faster and more powerful return.


Companies used to tell their employees how much they should contribute in the past. We now have options. In order to add value, ask and research what the circumstances require. Beginning to invest in the field in which you believe you can do best in all of the questions you ask will be more than enough to get you noticed in the institution and to play at the highest level.

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