How to live a life without confusion and helplessness, lively and peaceful?

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"Well!" we say to ourselves from time to time. "Today is the same as yesterday!" says the narrator in a rousing declaration.

What are your current emotions like? What percentage of your requirements have been met? What are you striving to do that is important to you at this point? Let's have a look at how you perceive yourself...


If you don't have many of your basic needs met and go about your day doing the same things you did yesterday, you're living in a struggle zone, much like the majority of people. You make decisions based on your habits, customs, responsibilities, or the expectations of other people. "One day I will save myself from this nightmare," you tell yourself, and you even know what you should do, but you don't. "One day I will save myself from this nightmare," you tell yourself. "One day I will save myself from this nightmare," you tell yourself. "One day I will save myself from this nightmare, but I don't." Everything appears to be really difficult from your perspective.

In the awakening zone, you are somewhat awake but not fully awake, as opposed to when you are asleep. You have a clear understanding of what you want out of life, and you have satisfied the majority of your prerequisites. You believe that if you seek assistance from someone you can rely on when you are in need, you will be able to live the life you believe you deserve. The possibilities are endless, and you are happy with the person who is emerging from within you. The majority of your time is spent oscillating between thoughts, which may include your feelings that you've wasted too much time in the past, labels that you've assigned to yourself, and seeking to figure out why everything is occurring. Making yourself so harsh on yourself and living in the conditions that you create in your mind just helps to prevent you from experiencing the fullness of life.

When you live consciously, you recognise who you are, respect yourself and other people, and totally reflect the ideals and goals that you hold dear. You have a strong emotional attachment to your family and friends. You also feel a strong sense of belonging to the world around you. If you are fortunate enough to have remarkable insight and discernment, you will be in a position to confront life's challenges with openness, confidence, and an appropriate level of vulnerability. In spite of the fact that you may be grateful for your life's abundance of peace, joy, serenity, and love, you understand the significance of investing in yourself on a regular basis since it is true (but you already knew this) that life's abundance has no limitations.


We may think we have enough of time on our hands, but we soon realise that time passes quickly and continues to flow whether we want it to or not. Furthermore, we've noticed that we alternate between the various regions listed above from time to time. That we take care of our own needs in a healthy manner is what is important. We must remember that we must be nourished not only physically, but also spiritually, in order to properly meet all of our obligations.


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