Trying not to be arrogant

in #life3 years ago

Wherever we are and in the presence of whomever we remain humble, have the heart to never be arrogant over what Allah has bestowed upon us cheaply.


Especially for the good frills attached to our bodies, do not get when we are considered good by others then we feel proud then takabbur. Na'udzubillah

Remember, all that sticks within us, our well-meaning bodies, our abundant treasures, and our marvelous position, they are entrusted from God.

Then make sure we never forget and always give thanks to the omnipotence of the giver of all things, really no good from Him we are nothing and nobody in front of others.

Yes, be thankful as much as possible, so that whenever and wherever we are there is never a chance to be arrogant.

It is a pompous nature that will never greet the heart, if we ourselves have sennatiasa thank God.

Therefore, as much as any other person praises our situation, then control ourselves to keep it low.

Take control of the heart to be proud, so that whenever God will add us more goodness.

Because God will increase the good to us when we are able to give thanks. For the plague why we should often return the good praise that comes from man to the right, that is Allah azza wajalla.

Because after all the good attributes we have in this life are God's entrails, God's grace, and God's most beautiful trust, so make sure we always remember Him.

We must always be able to remember His greatness, we must always be able to remember His goodness, so we have no chance to boast.


makasi for your post.good advise beacuse of being human being we have all those bad we need to try turn in good ones.saya dari bangladesh tida pergi indonesia