Respect People Who Hate You

in #life3 years ago

Know that the one who hates you the most is the kindest person to you, why is that? Because he is willing to share your reward with the hatred that is at stake to you.



So what makes you do? That is to remain calm, patient, sincere, and forgiving. Because the more you soften your heart with kindness, the greater the reward you will get.

So just be calm if someone hates you, insults you, and blasphemes you with an inappropriate word.

Because there is so much that God has given up as a patience answer that you always do.

Be silent, do not reply to the obnoxious words that come from his tongue, even if you are deeply alarmed.

Because with a terrible phrase thrown at you, God has provided the good that will form the reward for you later.

Remember, as bad and evil as any of his attitudes and behavior towards you, he is still a good person, because he has inadvertently shared with you through his hatred.

So they want to know thankfulness, to reply to his actions with the same thing you can not do.

And one sure thing you should know, bahwasannya people like him are not on the same level with you. So let him be the one who expels hatred and create enmity, but you do not!

Keep your silence in patience and sincerity, so that you never have a chance to hate it.

In essence, you must be able to subdue your passions with patience and sincerity, so that God's reward to you increasingly extraordinary.

There is no point in serving him who is always full of hatred, because until when he will be so.

But when you reward him with kindness, it may be God who will turn him over, until he will turn out to be kind to you.


I respect this post. It's hard to do this but the best reaction to hate.