Precious Him Will Protect His Heart and Body To Be Always Awake

in #life3 years ago


A woman who realizes that her precious will greatly protect her heart and body to always be awake wherever she is.

So, if you try this now, woman, be grateful! and keep both of them to the grave.

Especially if you are still alone, try to remain istiqamah in waiting, by continuing to keep your heart and body until someone who is right to find you.

Then why not sometimes you say "arrogant" or something, just because you are not cheap to serve men who try to shake your heart.

Truly precious it is not cheap, do not spit its beauty for granted, because he is aware for what and for whom its beauty is created.

The valued one will surely protect himself well and rightly according to Allah, so that shame always he made the greatest shield in keeping him.

Not only that, he made his noble morality as a barrier to never deny the mandate that God has entrusted to him as the most beautiful makhluq of the world.